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Based in Melbourne, I love to create games,
develop web applications and drink coffee.

{ Featured Projects }

Venture your way through an endless comic adventure! Who are you? You are the pine-nest pineapple that has ever lived!

 Worked On
Procedural Generation  In-game shop   Pickups/Upgrades 
Level design  ◦ Asset Creation  2D Animations

An endless comic adventure

The Shortest Run

C#   Unity Android Development 

A website developed for a food videography studio using Wix and design in Figma.

 Worked On
UX/UI Design 
Implementing Nav  Basic SEO optimization
Content creation

 Wix  Figma  Photoshop  SEO Basics


A website created using Wix and Figma.

A netflix clone

Not Netflix


A clone of the famous streaming service website 'Netflix'. This is only a frontend clone with some functionality where you can play trailers.

 Worked On
Flexbox  API Calls  Styling with SCSS
  ◦ Page layout and design  Responsive design 

Search for a GIF using the Giphy API. 

 Worked On
◦ Flexbox Design API Calls  Styling with SCSS  ◦ Loading placeholder images  


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{ Other Noteworthy Projects }

Dont touch my crops!

The chickens and ducks have come to feast!

C#   Unity PC Development  Game Jam

Banner game jam logo.jpg

{Get in touch!}

Australia, Victoria, Melbourne

I'm am open to any new opportunities, my inbox is always open. Whether you have a question or just want to say hi, I’ll try my best to get back to you!

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