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Flightless Birds

Flightless is a board game created by a team of 4. I was the artist of the group. I determined the atheistic style of the game, designed characters, card visuals, board visuals and the box cover. 

I also helped designed gameplay mechanics.

About the game

Flightless Birds is about four birds (a chicken, penguin, peacock and kiwi) who have crash-landed on an island. They must rebuild a plane in order to escape, but only one of them can make it out. 

Players each control one of the birds and must navigate the node-based map to collect specific items which, when combined, allow the player to win the game. 

Players also have the option to ‘team up’ with other players which increases the amount of movement they can make in their turn, therefore creating faster gameplay. This generates a unique style of strategy encouraging co-operation until one player is close to winning, at which point they become the target of all other players.

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