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Game Design 



This game is a conceptualization of a dream, an illusion created by an individual under the influence of drug addiction(s). Through this induced state they appear to be walking on the moon’s surface, an ambition long subdued by the perils of life.

Shrine of the Beast

Explore a world experiencing the ramifications of a dying light source, venture through a captivating atmosphere and discover the secrets entwined within the world itself. Traverse the desolation of civilisations long dead and fend against an environment that seeks you the very essence of your soul. Find strength in dismay and the will to break the barriers in your way. Answer lingering questions with the convictions of your actions. Seek solace at the brink of eternal darkness.

Flightless Birds

Flightless Birds is about four birds (a chicken, penguin, peacock and kiwi) who have crash-landed on an island. They must rebuild a vehicle to escape, but only one of them can make it out.

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