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A Fineapple

Hey friends!

My first dev blog here! I have always wanted to create a dev blog to show you all the journey in the creation of my; codename "Pineapple"; game. Original i know...

What should expect from this blog?

What I want to do is show people how I personally create games and allow them to join in the process together. Expect a lot of pics, GIFs and videos on the development of the game. Alongside that I also want to explain my design decisions and ideas.

I've already started development of the game, having fleshed out core concepts and iterations. But don't worry! I'll give ya'll a gist of what I've done so far over. Soooo.... start catching up and follow along!

I have studied game design and development previously but I haven't worked in a professional setting before, so my way may not be industry standard way.

Read more about me in the about page

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