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Oh wait it's an endless runner now?

My main goal of this project is to fully develop a game and then release it onto the app store. I wanted to put my years of learning and experience into a project that I could proudly call mine. So I needed a project that is within scope and accomplish-able. And having a good starting point with Gus' 'The Shortest Straw' made it a lot easier. Of course I got permission to use his content and assets for my personal project first.

Back when the team was discussing what type of game to make; one of them mentioned that we should make an endless runner. At first I thought it was a overdone idea, but now that I wanted to work on the project alone I needed something that was do-able.

So endless runner it was! yes it may be overdone, but it is still quite a fun style of game to play. So all I needed to do was make MY one as unique as it can be. One of the main thing that I decided to keep from the original game idea was the art style, I think, aesthetically, this already makes the game unique already (please let me know otherwise) and I haven't really seen any games that pull can off this art style yet (Maybe there's a reason why....??).

This is the art style of the game, I wanted it to have a cartoon feel. The obstacles has a black outline around it where as background objects don't

Transitioning to an endless runner style wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, quite a bit of the code was reusable. For example the player movement was already implemented so I all I needed to do was make it run in one direction. The jump was already working with the touch inputs.

Perfect! the game is ready to go!

kidding! there's still quite a bit of planning to do. I wanted the game to be like a comic strip panel where it would continuously spawn random panels alongside each other as the player moves.

So first I needed to program a system to spawn these panels.

Next I needed to spawn in obstacles, cause what's an endless runner without obstacles? That's another system to implement.

I also needed to create more panels and obstacle assets, add that to the list.

With this basic plan in hand; I ventured onto my solo game making journey.

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