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What a pine idea!

Updated: Aug 11, 2019

How did this game idea happen? what is this game idea you ask? well sit down (or stand; up to you) and let me tell you a very short story.

One of my friends makes comics and post them on Instagram. One day him (we'll call him Gus; @theshortestdraw), I and another were having lunch together, we were discussing ideas for his next comic, making puns and having a good'ol laugh. I jokingly mentioned that he should put his character "Prickle" (Name not definitive yet) into a game and bring his world to life.

All fun and games; but i couldn't stop thinking about that idea and sort out to create little scenarios in my head. Eventually the pull of my curiosity led me to pitch the idea to Gus, he agreed and I started making little prototypes.


My initial idea was to turn Prickle's world into a 2D platformer. At this point I didn't know what kind of platformer I wanted to make yet. I knew I wanted to work in Unity as it's my most preferred engine, so I open that up and started working.

First thing is first I created a character and made it move. Prickle is alive!

No not really it was just a box that moves and so I asked Gus to send over Prickle's PSD file. I imported it into Unity and created some animations for him (walk cycle and jump). Now Prickle has his limbs and was looking a lot more lively! I added some stock background images that I found online to bring in some colour and made it look like panels, because why not? it's suppose to look like a comic right?

I presented the video to Gus and he loved it! Success! The boss likes it. Coincidentally the other friend (we'll call him Joxer) that was at lunch with us also pitched ideas to Gus about creating a game. Together we created a group and further discussed our ideas.

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