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Spellbook is an Android game where you cast spells against another opponent, defeat them within 5 rounds and you win!

Spells are created by combing elements together. Once the correct sequence of elements is combined, you are then able to cast the spell eg. Fire Fire = Fireball.

I had a spell casting idea that I always wanted to do; so I created this game. I want players to feel like they are a wizard in battle, casting and blocking spells. In order to cast spells, players would need to memorise the correct combinations that would form a spell, similar to how the 'Tekken' series does combos. You just have to remember them. Of course, there is a list of combinations that you can refer to at the start of the round or in the main menu.

  • Designed a spell system that allows you to easily create new spells
  • Designed Level
  • Implement and design game mechanics
  • Created art assets
  • Create and implemented AI behaviour
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