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{Who am I?}

I am a graduate Game Developer from RMIT University.

The immersion, the story and the endless possibilities of games has always fascinated me ever since I was young. 

Growing up I had a strong interest in art, always drawing in class and doodling at home; this fuelled my interest in the art of video games. I first started doing level/game design during my teens creating maps, stories and worlds using the World Editor in 'Warcraft III: Frozen Throne' and from there my academic choices has reflected my dedication to pursue my passion.

Since graduation I have been constantly developing games, expanding my knowledge and improving my portfolio. I tend to immerse myself in tutorials or read up on game design theories and alike when I have a moment of spare time. I enjoy creating games with a focus of immersion, but also love to experiment on ideas. 

I am a PC gamer who dabbles in a bit of console gaming as well. 

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